Central California Classic Cycle Club

Red Caboose Cafe

5054 N. Academy Ave.

Clovis, CA 93619

They have great food and excellent service. Come early, have dinner, and hang out with us. We'd love to meet you and talk about motorcycles.

About the 5 C's Club

     The Central California Classic Cycle Club (called C’s for short because we're stuck on old bikes!) has been around since 1995. We are a loosely organized group of motorcycle enthusiasts whose focus is on vintage motorcycles.

     We have no rules, dues, bylaws or membership requirements. We are open to all people who have an interest in all makes of motorcycles from around the world. We have purposely left out the definition of “classic”, as every person’s idea is different. Our goal is to promote vintage bikes in and around the San Joaquin Valley.
     We do that by keeping our members informed of events around the state and beyond. We publish a monthly newsletter that goes out to around 150 members and their families. The bulk of our members live in the Valley from Hanford, Tulare and Visalia to the south to Merced, Turlock and Mariposa to the north.  With the addition of this web site we hope to keep even more people informed with what’s going on with “Classic” bikes in California.
     C’s also has events and rides that we put on. We have a ride every month sometimes in conjunction with other clubs or events. C’s also has a monthly meeting where we get together and talk old bikes. Each month we have a display bike where the owner shares all of the trials and tribulations of that bike. Our meeting is on the third Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm at the Red Caboose Cafe in Clovis CA.
     If you are in town on that night, you are welcome to just drop in. We have had people drop in from as far away as Sweden and Australia.
     C’s hopes that you will come to our web site on a monthly basis, as we will try to get a new newsletter on line every month. Put a book mark in your file and thanks for visiting our site.